Treat the two images as two stages, and write about what happened in between. You can change the order as you wish, or even add more stages in between.


He had questions 
I had the answers
He wanted answers
I had bright ideas
Bright ideas that
We together made work

Collaboration is the key
A key that unlocks success
Takes a bit of this and a bit of that
The whole is something better than
The original idea and its solution

Written for RXC # 230, hosted by Reena



58 thoughts on “Collaboration

  1. I like your message here. Unfortunately I have had several bosses who loved to micromangage and could not take any ideas from employees. That made those place unpleasant to work in.

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    1. It is their loss as collaborative efforts yield much better results. In my language, that’s a saying that one and one makes eleven! That’s the cumulative effect of working together.

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