An unusual tea-party

Mindy looked up accidentally and kept on staring at the tree.

A teapot and a couple of teacups were hanging from the branches near the tree trunk. She was intrigued. Who could have done that? She kept on thinking for an answer but none presented itself to her.

She decided to take a closer look. Tree climbing was one of her natural talents and in a little while, she reached the hanging crockery. As she reached to touch the teapot, an invisible hand slapped her hand away. Mindy was shocked.

What do you think you’re doing, touching our things? Came a voice from behind her.

Mindy looked but couldn’t see anyone. Who are you and why can’t I see you? She asked.

We are the tree fairies and humans can’t see us. Why are you intruding on our tea party?

Oh, I am sorry, Mindy apologized with the ready acceptance of a child. Can I join your party?

Since you’re a child with a vivid imagination, we’ll allow you to join us just this time. But you have to keep it a secret from grownups.

Mindy scrambled down the tree to get her own teacup.


Written for CCC # 183, hosted by Crispina Kemp



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