Carrying forward with poetry

Selma Martin shared a poem today which she had written taking the last line of another poem. She has invited us to do the same. Here’s the last line from her poem, ‘I Feel Adored’

In perfect accord
In perfect accord

Feelings of affection exist
With the surrender of love

In perfect accord

Trust exists with friendship
Truth exists with acceptance

In perfect accord

Faith exists with surrender
To the will of the creator

In perfect accord

Life needs to coexist
All creatures small and big



43 thoughts on “Carrying forward with poetry

  1. Gosh, Sadje. If that isn’t the best poem I’ve read today… Gracious!— firstly, thanks so much for taking me up like this. You’re amazing, lady Sadje. Now the world has one more poem to celebrate. Tremendous!
    I hope others follow suit: like lighting 🕯 candles to brighten the corners of the world that need more light.
    Thanks for being this awesome. I bless you. Love your poem. 🎉

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