Not again

May 2, 2022, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about extraction. What is being extracted and from where? Is it an idea? How does genre change the perspective (sci-fi versus romance)? Go where the prompt leads!

My tooth was giving me so much pain that I was desperate for relief. I rang up my dentist and was told to come in the next day. On my arrival, he took X-rays, and after examining the offending molar closely, he told me the bad news. You can either get rid of this one as it’s the last one on this side or go for a root canal treatment.

I opted for extraction. It was the quickest option. The molar was so firmly fixed that it required quite an effort to pull it out.

I’d lost another tooth!

Word count; 99

Written for Carrot Ranch’s prompt- Extraction, hosted by Charli Mills



63 thoughts on “Not again

    1. Me, too. I had a dentist who suggested a root canal, and the endodontist said no (at least at the time). My husband just went through this dilemma, too. Actually, he still is as he opted not to get the extraction, and got the root canal. The story rings so true, Sadje. ~nan

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  1. I had a root canal on Tuesday from a specialist and that night my crown fell off. I called my dentist this morning and she put me on her schedule, and me a new crow and installed and told me there was no charge. That was great, as the specialist charged me over $700, and I think he cracked my crown when he was doing his drilling.

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  2. Oh… I’ve had two back molars removed. ‘Wisdom Teeth’ – I wonder if I was any less wise as I only had those two to start with 😀

    Hope there is less pain now! 💖

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  3. I don’t like going to the dentist, but I have a wonderful one that I have been going to for 30 years. I have had a couple of root canals and they weren’t all that bad.

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    1. My current dentist is good but I’ve had bad experiences with dentists when I was young. So it’s not my favorite place to visit.


  4. Well written, Sadje. So true to life, I know. My husband was/is dealing with this same dilemma. He opted for the root canal, but we shall see what the future brings…whether it was worth it. He’s been in the dentist’s chair several times now and it isn’t over yet. Good luck with your extraction and future encounters with your dentist. ~nan

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