A to Z challenge 2022- Reflections

My reflections of A to Z challenge 2022

This year my theme was;

Personal experiences, incidents and smiles

This was my third year doing this challenge. I enjoyed myself very much this year like the previous two years.

This year, April was the month of fasting for Muslims so I couldn’t give as much time I wanted to the other bloggers doing this challenge. I did however got to visit a few blogs regularly like Maggie, Yinglan, Tanya, Lauren, Ella, Paula, Jim, Ruth and Fandango. There were others I wanted to visit but due to scarcity of time couldn’t.

I do plan to visit some of the posts I missed in the coming month.

April was also the National poetry month and I got to read great poem daily from my favorite bloggers like Punam, Mich, Melanie and many others.

My heartfelt gratitude to all those kind friends who visited my posts daily and gave their positive feedback.




34 thoughts on “A to Z challenge 2022- Reflections

  1. Sadje, I am always grateful for your visits and I so enjoyed your A to Z posts. ❤️
    For both of us writing everyday is not challenging at all but keeping up reading does get affected. I too tried to visit as many as I could and intend to catch up with the rest this month.
    I hope you all had a wonderful family reunion. You must be tired. Take rest, we can catch up later. 🤗🤗

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  2. And the curtains closed on Keep ti Alive for the challenge. Now, it is time for another adventure and another challenge. WIshing you all the best… May you keep shining and keep rocking… Dropping in from deeptechwriter.wordpress.com

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