Sunday Poser # 78

Welcome back to another Sunday Poser

This week my question is;

What is a cause you’re passionate about and why?

We all have that one cause that we are passionate about. I feel throughly engaged when I feel someone needs my support. Justice is one thing that I feel is everyone’s right so injustice riles me up. So does the lack of support offered to those who need it like homeless people or those needing medical and financial help.

Right now due to my family commitments, I can only offer financial and moral support to the causes I believe in. But I hope to one day do something actively too. Like joining an organization to help people who are in need of help.

Meanwhile, I can write about these problems and raise awareness about them.

What is your passionate cause? Are you able to do something about it practically?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section or you can write your own post and link it to this one so that I can find it.

As usual, thanks of visiting and reading.



60 thoughts on “Sunday Poser # 78

  1. I try to do my bit wherever I can, but regular financial contributions are a non starter as we are on a limited income and with everything rocketing the way things are, it is a worry over our heads as well as millions of others.
    However, I am passionate about dogs, and if I had the money, space and better health, I would run a dog rescue centre. For all those who are cruel to our four legged friends (not just dogs but any animal), I would make it my mission in life to see them suffer as their animals had suffered.

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  2. I am passionate about social justice – the needs of the poor and disenfranchised. Sometimes the cruelty poverty brings weighs me down. Like you, I am unable to do much. I am hubby’s care-giver and other family commitments make volunteering impossible at this time. Bringing awareness through my blog and on social media sites are ways I try to help. Donating to food banks and other charities is another way we can all do something to alleviate suffering. As to “why” it’s because I believe we are all connected, all sisters and brothers on this good earth and everyone deserves to have needs for shelter, clothing, and food met, whether these live in my own neighborhood or somewhere across the globe. We all deserve to live lives that are free from want.

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  3. My passionate causes are many, and they all reside under the umbrella of fighting injustice in all its forms. Where in the past I was fully engaged in the front lines, now it is more activism through financing and creating awareness.

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  4. I won’t call it passionate yet but waste management and recycling is something that catches my attention. I try to recycle what I can. But littering really makes me mad. All the beautiful places I visit are full of garbage that has been littered. And then there are these huge dumping grounds in the open that are just varulious kinds of hazards

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  5. I’m really passionate and even ‘anxious’ about publishing, since childhood. I want to be able to hold the hands of creative writers in my community and country. Publishing here is just like a mountain unclimbable to people.

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  6. As someone who didn’t understand, nor have access to higher education as a youth, I work everyday to increase access to higher education for everyone, especially populations that face obstacles and barriers. I wonderful question, Sadje. Thank you for the prompt.

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  7. Dogs. I can’t financially support charities, although I have left something in my will for “Best Friends Animal Sanctuary” which takes in ‘unadoptable” or elderly animals and cares for them until their demise (of natural causes…it’s a no kill place). Pit Bulls which were too vicious after being trained to pit fight were put there and the love and care and respect they got shown has improved their personalities over 100%. There are elderly horses, cows, donkeys, mules, llamas and a dozen variety more at least of large animals, but dogs and cats and birds are there in quantity too. Secondary but also primary because it impacts wild animals so severely, I suppose I’m a staunch and loud supporter of ‘keep the green spaces and stop all the development” cause too. But the environment overall is something I’m pretty passionate about. Right now I’m doing what I can for the local bees by allowing native plants and alleged weeds (dandelions primarily) to flourish on my piece of ground here. We can all do something for these causes, even just putting some recyclable materials into a bin somewhere or picking up some trash. Great question Sadje!

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    1. Thanks Melanie for sharing! Your love of dogs is palpable and wonderful. You’re so right that we all can do something, however small to help others or our environment. Thanks for sharing your thoughts


  8. I feel passionate about disability rights, but other than occasionally raising awareness of related issues on my blog and being a member of a few consumer organizations for the disabled, I don’t contribute to these causes.

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  9. My passion becomes fire when I see someone being bullied or even worse abused. Something inside me just takes over and I will do anything in my power to stop someone from being bullied. On lighter note…I am passionate about rocks I know it’s a lil wierd but I love finding pretty rocks and making jewelry or nic nacs with them. Above all my family is what causes me to be passionate… my Mother is the most passionate person I know all nine of her children carry just a little of passion she has

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    1. Thanks for sharing your passions with us. Standing for the downtrodden or those mistreated is very noble of you. We do inherit our passions from our parents. You’re lucky.


  10. I love to share my passion of travelling, creating art and blogging with other people. I love encouraging people to get out and have fun, travel and do all those crazy things you have wanted to do. I enjoy encouraging people to get out NOW rather than wait for retirement, as so many people wait till they stop working and end up sick and never do those things they always dreamed of. That’s why i have a pre-retirement and adventure blog.

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  11. Depression awareness and suicide prevention. Both issues I have had impact my life and I find it so sad that anyone ever has to hurt so bad that death is the “only way out”… in a nation like ours we should not see children dying at their own hands but we do. And nothing hurts more than thinking you missed something when someone you care about is at that point. Help is always available at the and at 1-800-273-8255 here in the United States.

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