Zero entertainment

Last evening, I chose to waste 3 hours of my life watching the new(?) Batman movie. I have watched perhaps hundreds of Batman movies before but this is the one I’d least recommend. I didn’t enjoy it at all but kept on watching it in the hope that something interesting will happen to lift this dismal flick out of its bleak storyline and provide some quality entertainment.

What I fail to understand was the motivation for producing another Batman movie? There have been better ones made before, I especially like the ones with Christian bale! Those were at least entertaining. Even the ones with Ben Affleck were tolerable. This one was all dark rainy scenes, gruff voices, and grumpy expressions and zero, zip, zilch entertainment value.

I’m sorry if I have offended any Batman or Robert Pattinson fans but my advice to anyone wanting to waste time and money on this movie is; don’t. It will give you no pleasure!

Have you watched this movie?

Your prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “zip, zero, zilch.”Use one, use ’em all, bonus points if you use all three. Have fun!

Written for Linda’s SoCS- Zip/ zero/ zilch



72 thoughts on “Zero entertainment

  1. Thanks for the review Sadje, I’m a big Batman fan! 😁 But you’ve sort of confirmed my suspicions about the movie. The adds for it didn’t make me want to go see it. Then again, once you’ve seen Christian Bale as Batman, there’s no going back. 😛👍

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  2. I haven’t and I won’t bother with this one either. I read somewhere that the original comic book was made to be “noir” or dark themed. Doom and gloomy, lots of dreary looking drawings. One or two of the original Michael Keaton (the one with Jack Nicholson in particular) are very noir, but the storyline was compelling and the Nicholson one had a bit of comic relief at least. Batman has angst, which is why they keep trying to sell the type of film you watched. My sympathies. Personally? I stopped watching when they cast Afflect as Batman. They could have at least gotten him a decent costume because he looked old, tired and fat to me; three things Batman is not supposed to be. 😉 Have a great day!

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  3. Batman is supposed to be very dark. My favorite was Michael Keaton – yeah, old school, but pre-Disney Tim Burton at his best. Still, I had little reason to want to see this and zero after reading your review. Guess it will be a skip.

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  4. Robert Pattison has a knack for picking the wrong movie, which is a shame given he’s a great actor. Sorry about your wasted time, but at least you had a topic to write a post about 🙂

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