My word of the year; Kindness

Being kind doesn’t come naturally to everybody. But kindness shown to anyone is always remembered and appreciated. Last night I was thinking about my family, grandparents, uncles, and aunts. Some of them were very kind and caring towards me when I lost my mother. Others, because it wasn’t inherent in their nature, were aloof. Though I loved the family of both my mom and dad, my gratitude to my paternal family is far greater than that towards my late mother’s family. I’m sure they also loved me and my siblings but there weren’t any overt signs of kindness there. So when I pray for my family, my prayers for those who were kinder are mixed with my heartfelt gratitude too!

I believe that one of our purpose in life is to be kind to whoever we can be. We may know them or not, but being kind doesn’t require any bonds of friendship or blood. Be kind just because you can be.

Kindness begets kindness. Caring for others, even in a small insignificant way can have a magnifying effect on their life and they can in turn initiate a cycle of paying it forward. How wonderful to be that precursor who starts this chain reaction.

Marsha, our host for WQW is traveling this week and is busy. She didn’t post a prompt on Wednesday but I have decided to write a post anyway as this was a topic I wanted to write about. I hope it’s okay.

Written for WQW # 17, Writers choice, hosted by Marsha



67 thoughts on “My word of the year; Kindness

  1. Well said, Sadje. Kindness is not an inherent nature and those who are kind have seen or received kindness in some way or the other. In my humble opinion being kind to everyone is such a simple and powerful gesture. You don’t know what battles the other person is fighting, the least you can do is meet everyone with a smile on your lips and kindness in your heart.

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  2. Great thoughts and quotes about kindness, Sadje 🙂 I’m sorry some members of your family didn’t seem overly kind at a time when you needed the support but glad that others were kind.

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  3. A wonderful post on kindness, Sadje. My favorite part is the reality that the kindness that we give out, comes back, and is the seed for future acts of kindness by us, and everyone we touch. Love this one.

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  4. Being kind is so easy but doesn’t come easily to some. Sometimes it is mistaken for pity which it certainly is not!
    Couldn’t agree more, aapa. It is the simplest way to make this world better. ❤️

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