All things big and small- Choices

The theme is “Assortment”

The image given above is your prompt for the week. Write whatever comes to mind.


A tray presented with an assortment of things on it
Things big and small
Things similar and different
Things related and unrelated
You get a choice to pick some, reject others
To embrace a few and shun the others
Life is that tray of assorted choices
We by our circumstances are forced into some choices
Why we pick or reject something, is sometimes fated
Sometimes we have the autonomy to make this choice by free will
Whatever we end up with on our plate
Is then what we have to make the best of
For we cannot go back and demand a different choice

Gladly accepting our lot is one important key
To have a life free of regrets


Written for RXC # 228, hosted by Reena



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