Earth Month Share

Melanie is our gracious host for SYW

Credit for partial image goes to Katy ( . It was added to and gently ‘tweaked’ by me.

Welcome to Share Your World – The Earth Month Edition! 


In your opinion, how are we affecting our planet?

Our biggest crime is polluting our environment. Air, water, oceans, and soil, all are bearing the brunt of human ‘civilization’.

What solutions would you offer to stem the multiple problems we face vis a vis the destruction of our planet home?

I think the best, most doable solution is to switch to renewable sources of energy, like solar energy and wind energy. This will take fossil fuels out of the equation and save our environment. Another most vital step should be to ban the use of plastic packaging.

Do you think it’s already too late and we could just do exactly as we’re doing now and things would turn out the very same?

It’s not too late to do something even now. Any doubts people have should be removed by observing the beneficial effects of the lockdowns in 2020. There was less pollution because people weren’t burning fossil fuels.

Do you participate in things like “Arbor Day” (a U.S. Holiday dedicated to planting new trees) or Earth Day or Earth Month?

We don’t have these days here but we do have plantation movement in monsoon season. Lately one billion new trees were planted all over the country. Government provides pieces of land for tree plantation.

Is any of it important in the ‘Big Picture’?

Of course, any step in the right direction, however small will have a positive impact in the bigger picture.


What can you personally do to participate in the “Clean Earth” movement?

Don’t use plastic bags, don’t use plastic bottles, use solar energy, use less fuel, walk to your destination if it’s nearby, plant more trees, conserve water and be a caring tenant of this place we call home.

Thank you Melanie for these questions and for making us think about our environment.



31 thoughts on “Earth Month Share

        1. It’s the initial cost that’s the stumbling block. But if there’s financing available then it’s a good opportunity. It’s true that not all houses qualify for it.

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  1. Thanks Sadje, for Sharing Your World! And that beautiful photo! You are blessed to live in such a beautiful area! I was hearing about the damage to the environment as early as in the 1980s, and how if we didn’t stop being so entitled and ignorant, we’d reap a whirlwind. Guess that’s come to pass now, and yet a lot of folks either just don’t care because ‘it’s not impacting ME” or are too lazy to get off their butt and do something. I loved walking, biking and exploring the canyons around Salt Lake until my physical problems made doing those things mostly impossible. I’m going to buy a tire inflation kit and get my bike out though. I don’t know how far I’ll get, but it’s better than sitting on my own butt and talking about moving around, hmm? Thank you again for participating and sharing your wisdom and photography! Have a blessed week!

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  2. Completely agree. It’s not about the size of the action, it’s that we all take an action to mitigate and ameliorate the negative impacts we’ve had on our home. And, wow, about the trees. That’s awesome. Wonderful share, Sadje.

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