A to Z challenge V for Vaccination

Personal experiences, incidents and smiles

With the drop in infection rate of Covid-19, the topic of vaccination has taken a backseat.

But vaccines are nonetheless very important. Not only for Covid but also for other infectious diseases. Some time ago some people started this mid-information campaign against childhood vaccinations saying that they can cause Autism and other issues. There are many authentic studies conducted and they all disapprove this theory.

Preventive vaccination is the tool we have to protect ourselves and our children against deadly diseases like smallpox, polio, tuberculosis, hepatitis, and many more. Itโ€™s a long list and the latest is Covid vaccination which has doubtlessly prevented numerous deaths and hospitalizations. I myself am an example as I got a very mild case of Covid because of vaccination.

What are your views about vaccination?



60 thoughts on “A to Z challenge V for Vaccination

  1. The medical wisdom that creates vaccines, I think is a miracle. I agree with you that making use of vaccines available can and does improve quality of life. However I respect the differing points of view on vaccination. It’s a matter of choice and freewill.

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  2. I feel strongly about this, especially as an autistic person. Even if vaccines caused autism (which they don’t!), I’d much rather deal with that (and I say that as someone with quite high support needs) than die from measles or polio.

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    1. Very right Astrid. And many studies have disapproved this suggestion. Itโ€™s prudent to be vaccinated rather than run the risk of deadly diseases


  3. My niece, now grown up, was eighteen month’s old when she got whooping cough. I remember her being put on oxygen because she couldn’t breathe. Measles was a killer back when I was a child, causing blindness. My mum had TB as a young woman, spent the first few years of my sister’s life in an isolation hospital and took holy communion because they thought she wouldn’t survive. Inoculations saves lives. There are some who believe that the MMR jab causes autism, but I would rather my child be autistic than losing their life.

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    1. Exactly right Diana. Vaccination dance lives and there hasnโ€™t been any study or link that proves a link between MMR vaccine and Autism. Thanks


  4. I never had any question about vaccines when my kids were little. They all seemed to be important. Then more of them started coming out and honestly, if the pediatrician didn’t mention it I had no idea about it. My old massage therapist didn’t believe in vaccines and didn’t have her kids vaccinated at all. I understand that and don’t think it is a problem UNTIL you realize that people who are unvaccinated are spreading these illnesses. Also, some of the sicknesses that vaccines prevent really are awful, like whooping cough, which has actually come back.

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