Repost- Blogging Insights- Organizing your blog

Due to A to Z challenge, Tanya has suspended her blogging insight series. Today I’m sharing a post from 2020!

Tanya is the host of Blogging Insights


How organized are you when it comes to blogging? Do you have a blog schedule or do you play it by the ear?

Though I am not a stickler for schedules, I am pretty well organized regarding the postings on my blog. I post three posts daily and they are pre-scheduled to be posted every day. I usually write them the day before and schedule them. Sometimes if I have free time, I schedule posts for a couple of days in advance.

As far as my two prompts are concerned, those too are pre-planned and are scheduled at least a couple of days ahead.

How often do you’ tidy up’ your blog? e.g. go through your Drafts Folder, or go through old posts checking for broken links, etc.?

I do keep on going through my drafts and whenever I get time and inspiration, I complete them and post them as and when appropriate. I have never checked my old posts for broken links etc! I didn’t know that I was supposed to do that.

And this question also reminds me that I should tidy up my site. I haven’t touched it since at least a year. The reason is quite simple. I blog solely from my phone and for organizing, I’d need to go to my site via my laptop. Call me lazy or phobic, but I avoid doing that on all sorts of excuses. But I must do it sooner rather than later.

Maybe have a new header image or rearrange the menu or just refresh in general.

Thank you Tanya, for hosting this series and keeping the conversation going.



54 thoughts on “Repost- Blogging Insights- Organizing your blog

  1. At the onset I used to create many draft posts and leave them. They mounted to over one hundred. However now I do my best to keeps my drafts to just a few working pieces. Then I go through my draft folder and publish what strikes my fancy.

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  2. Good post Sadje, some food for thought here! 👍🤔 I have a Blog Goals For The Week Ahead post which sets out my blog schedule and creative goals for the coming week. It keeps me focused and to a routine. There’s sometimes where I miss a blog day or post but 8 times out of 10 I stick to the schedule. May start tidying up my old post. 😛😮😁😂

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        1. You’re welcome! It’s the month of Ramadan for us Muslims and there are obligations that I must perform during my days and nights so that doesn’t leaves me much time for my blog.

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          1. Ah yes, Ramadan. It’s very important for ye guys. Understandable that you won’t be able to give the same commitment to your blog. The people who know you will understand. 😁👍

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  3. I like to write posts a day in advance and then schedule them for the next day. Recently, I realized that a post didn’t appear. I had a message “schedule missed” in red. Has that happened to you?

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  4. There was a time I had a schedule and kept to that schedule. But these days, I just post now and then when I feel like it. I have been thinking of going back to being disciplined with a schedule…that’s all I have done, think about it.

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  5. I rarely do posts ahead of time. I have strange sleeping/not sleeping hours and blogging often fills that time. I only have 1 item in my drafts folder. I did spend some time a few days ago deleting “followers” who don’t even exist and people who are “followers” with four different blog labels but the same picture. I will do more of that as time permits.

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  6. I schedule most of my posts a week ahead. I tidy up my blog frequently, mainly to be sure I don’t have missing images. Except for scheduled posts, I don’t have drafts in cue. I write in a word doc and then copy/paste.

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  7. For some reason, my back garden looks a lot more interesting than my drafts folder and watching a movie or reading a book is infinitely more fascinating than revamping my blog. Perhaps there’s something wrong with me!

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