A to Z challenge U for Updates

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Please wait your app/ laptop/ pc/ phone/ watch is UPDATING!

While I agree that updates are at times necessary, most of the time they are a pain in the backside. The most irritating and dangerous are those on your windows. They can take a long time and the results are often dismaying.

iPhone and Apple Watch are frequently updated and while most of them seem to make BNI difference at all, some have known to stop the device from functioning properly. I had such an experience sometime back when my iPhone 6 just stopped doing anything at all. Luckily my son hadn’t updated his phone and he could fix the issue. One thing that can be admired is that after these mess-ups, there is immediately another update to fix what the previous update destroyed.

Do you have automatic updates turned on on your devices? Or do you read the reviews before installing updates?



45 thoughts on “A to Z challenge U for Updates

  1. Being a former techie (long… time ago!) I look at Every “update” with suspicion…perhaps unwarranted but hey…. Therefore, automatic updates are turned off for me. I install them and check their affect on my device (especially Windows) and roll any interlopers back, if things go pear-shaped with any frequently used applications.

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  2. The other day I got a message that my Microsoft Edge browser software needed an update and that totally messed up my computer. last week WordPress must have had some type of update, because now all of my emails look totally different on the comments and likes that I get.

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  3. I get notices sometimes to update computer or phone, but I rarely do it. They have a deal to ‘remind me later’ and I choose that all the time, then eventually it updates itself, most times for the worse. My emails are messed up now, too. Some blogs I follow I can’t even get to anymore. Not good.

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  4. I do have the automatic updates turned on, yet they are such a pain sometimes. Similar to your story, I had an update one time on my iPhone, which stopped it from working. The opposite effect needed.

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  5. My computer updates when I reboot it (which is probably not often enough) my phone will ask about system updates and I try to time that when I have another phone to fall back on just in case. You are right though, some updates are so full of bugs and depending on the app it can take a while to fix those bugs.

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