Lamppost – Image by KL Caley

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a black traditional style lamppost set beside a stone pathway in amongst some hedging.


He concealed himself so that a casual passerby wouldn’t see his face.

Meeting Maya here was her idea, and so was the desire for secrecy.

They were friends, not in love. They wanted to just have fun together but this was something people around them frowned upon.

There were differences that according to others were too big to be overcome. They belonged to different religions, and cultures and their skin wasn’t the same color either.

Standing here, waiting for her, Juan reached a decision. From now on, they won’t hide their friendship. They will meet openly from now. He could see Maya coming from a distance. He felt there was a change in her demeanor too. Perhaps she had reached the same decision.


Written in response to WritePhoto # Lamppost, hosted by KL Caley



62 thoughts on “Tryst

      1. I remember watching a movie (of the book) “The Man Who Would Be King”… Basically an outsider was gifted that opportunity to make right injustices in this small (not backwards, but not modern) community. And did OK for a bit. Until he wanted what he couldn’t have… then they chopped his head off!


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