In the sea of humanity

The image given above is your prompt for the week. Write whatever comes to mind.

In the sea of humanity 

Milling around like directionless molecules,
We each try to find our identity, our place
Realizing our insignificance, yet knowing our uniqueness
Each of us is cognizant of our importance, real or imagined
Like tiny ants we go about purposefully on our missions

Are we, each of us

Making any difference?

Or are we deluding ourselves
That we are doing something worthwhile?


Written for RXC PROMPT #227, hosted by Reena



45 thoughts on “In the sea of humanity

  1. Beautiful! While revisiting my college campus or an old workplace, I often think if the place remembers, with what presumptively unique thoughts I moved around here. The answer is a very cruel No 😦 There have been so many like me.

    Mujhse pehale kitne shayar aaye aur aakar chale gaye…
    kucch aahein bharke laut gaye, kucch nagme ga kar chale gaye
    Woh bhi ek pal ka kissa the, mein bhi ek pal ka kissa hoon
    kal tumse juda ho jaunga, jo aaj tumhara hissa hoon

    I remember the last reply from Sue Vincent on a #writephoto prompt – “What can one do, on knowing that it is the end?”

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  2. I know I can’t change the whole world–but my mission is to impact it frequently with encouragement, faith, hope, humor, love. Every little bit helps, I’m sure.

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