A to Z challenge S for Sharing

Personal experiences, incidents and smiles

Sharing- One of our biggest desire

From the day a child can talk, they like to share their thoughts, their joys and sorrows. As we grow older we all want people who are open to listening to us.

We all want to share our views, our worries, and our hopes. If those we love spare us time, we gladly do so with them. But if they are too busy, we turn to others, for if not loved ones or friends, even strangers would do. Sharing is such a natural instinct that we do it regardless of our level of familiarity with our listeners. That’s why conversations with strangers become so meaningful and important at times. The fact that we may never meet these people gives our sharing a whole new level of comfort.

So if you have older people in your family, or in your circle of friends, do try to give them your time and attention. They have a lot of stories, anecdotes, and life experiences to share. Sit with them for a while even if they with tell you stories you’ve heard many times before. I promise, you’ll rise up from that meeting a wiser and kinder person.

Do you like to share your thoughts and worries with family and friends?



61 thoughts on “A to Z challenge S for Sharing

  1. Although I tend to keep details to myself, I do share to some extent. We learn lots from others (info and customs). Your friend’s comment made me laugh. Yes, old people can be C😎😎L ~ old in years while young at heart. Great post my friend. 🌼🌼

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  2. Such a great post on sharing. I loved how you suggested spending time with the elderly. They have so much to share and so less people around who would hear with interest.

    Visiting from A-Z challenge
    – momandideas.com

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  3. Oh this is GOOD, Sadje! You and I have spoken about grocery shopping–well, that is where I seem most comfortable…I talk with any stranger who seems amenable 🙂 Today was such a day–including the woman in the deli department whom I always chat with. I told her it was a special treat to see her today, and she came out from the counter and said we needed a hug…only then did she tell me of the difficult time she was having, a family issue. I was so honored to hold her close and tell her God loves her, and I love her. She said I had made her day–a mutual blessing ❤ These little moments, rich connections, are what we should all be about…if we want the world to become kinder, more generous. And as you already know, I can jabber on and on in Comment boxes 🙂 Blessings to you!!

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  4. Soo agree with you dear Sadje !!! I’m blessed that way , my children live with their grandparents … many things are imbibed in them effortlessly 😊
    And we children too , we must make some time to hear them out .. missed it in our busy schedules past few months .. this post sort of triggered my Mind .. thanks Sadje

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  5. You reminded me of a time when I finally thought it was good to ask my MIL (she should rest) about a box of photos. But for her the time had come and gone. The photos made her sad of times that were and could never be again. I would not make her sad again so I didn’t ask about them again. Now a that box sits at another relative’s home… and we will lose who who was in those photos forever, because many of us are caught up in the currency of our own living. *sigh*

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  6. I think you are right, we all want to share our stories. I think a part of it is also that we want to share our lives with others, to include them as a part of our circle of friends. This goes hand in hand with your letter R post.

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