Dieting- No more

April 18, 2022, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about never ending. You can hyphenate never-ending or write an example of a story that never ends. What is endless and why? Go where the prompt leads!


Getting fit and going down to my ideal weight was a never-ending struggle for me.

Unbeknown to me, I had thyroid disease since my teenage which made my weight fluctuate periodically. At forty-four, I was diagnosed and became aware of its implications. Since then, I am on thyroid medication and till a year ago, I still was trying to lose weight, only to gain it all back eventually.

My motivation for losing weight has changed and the desire to look better has taken a backseat, to be healthy. Now I eat healthy, and keep my stats in the range.


Word count; 99

Written for Carrot Ranch’s prompt-Never ending, hosted by Charli Mills



61 thoughts on “Dieting- No more

  1. For what it’s worth this is my experience with thyroid disease. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto hypothyroidism, or something like that, over five years ago. I skipped the medication and tried various diets. My weight has been stable (160 pounds plus or minus a handful of pounds) for a few years now. The diet has become a habit. It involves daily intermittent fasting plus avoiding foods on Steven Gundry’s avoid list and adding foods on his approved list.

    I am glad to hear that your weight has stabilized as well with the diet you are on.

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    1. I too have Hashimoto’s disease. But it destroyed my thyroid glad entirely. Note I have to take thyroxine daily. Healthy eating is the answer to my struggles. Thanks Frank.

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  2. Wise choice, Sadje. I’ve been down the road you describe, and it usually has the opposite effect. There’s something about putting stress on ourselves to be or look a certain way that clouds the true outcome we are trying to achieve. I align with how you think about it today, eating healthy and making good choices about food and exercise. Wonderful share, my friend.

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    1. Thanks Jeff. Yes, forcing ourselves to give up some types of food and starving to achieve a desired result doesn’t works i I n the long term. Besides when our priorities change, we look at things differently

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  3. It’s odd how we tend to be a fat-phobic society and yet know little about the reasons behind weight gain. Your story expresses one of many situations that emerge to explain why. I always tell my students, “Writing is thinking.” I appreciate stories that make us ponder.

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