A to Z challenge R for Rainy day friend

Personal experiences, incidents and smiles

They say ‘Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone’

Good weather friends are easy to make
It’s a challenge to find those who’ll stand with you
When things are difficult, circumstances are complicated
If you are lucky to have a friend that will hold your hand
Or offer an ear to listen when you need them
Value and cherish this friendship as it’s priceless
And if you’re lucky beyond belief, you’ll be such a friend



Rainy day friend or sunny day friend?Who are you?



57 thoughts on “A to Z challenge R for Rainy day friend

  1. I like to think I am a rainy day friend. I know fibro sometimes limits my ability to help in physical ways (like helping a friend move and carrying boxes) but I am there with a shoulder to cry on a laugh to share and always a listening ear.

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