A wrinkle in the plans.

The photograph is from JESHOOTS-com at Pixabay.com.

(For the visually challenged writer, the photo is of a smiling woman who seems to be lying on a bed with a TV remote control in her hand and a bowl of popcorn beside her. She’s munching on the popcorn and a handful of popped kernels are scattered on her body).


I would have happily married Darlene if it weren’t for her sloppy habit of eating in bed, letting the food get on her clothes and on the bedding. Her tendency to overeat was also making her gain weight.

I’m a fastidious person, and it’s important to me that things are done properly, everything should be neat and tidy, and that people should eat at mealtimes while sitting at the dining table.

I was still reconsidering my decision when another of her habits kept on jarring my nerves. She would never share what she was enjoying with me, especially the sweet and salty popcorn that I loved too.

So reluctantly, I broke off with her. Now I can eat all the popcorn, by myself without sharing.


Written for FFFC # 165, hosted by Fandango

Also included FSS # 42, hosted by Fandango




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