Sharing my world- 4/18/22


In your opinion, what do you buy way more of than most people?


Skin care products? Clothes? I do buy many things that I shouldn’t! But perhaps the most things that I buy are edibles, specially when I go shopping when I’m hungry.

Which workers have the worst jobs?

Anyone who hates their job would have the worst job. They could be earning millions but if the hate going to work everyday, they shouldn’t be doing what they do.

Opinion. John Cage is a composer who composed a piece named 4’33” for any instrument. The performance are instructed not to play their instrument for four minutes and thirty-three seconds. Is this music or is this art? A combination of the two? Neither, it’s stupid. Your opinion?

Perhaps it’s art! Perhaps he wanted to teach the appreciation of silence? I don’t have any opinion on this because;

I never went and paid to listen to a live orchestra

I don’t understand the nuances of subtle art.

How good are you at drawing?

I recently drew a picture from a picture and it was liked by more than 100 people. It gives me the confidence to say, “ not bad”

GRATITUDE SECTION (as always optional)

Feel free to share one amazing thing you’ve experienced (any time frame).

Waking up every day and being able to enjoy this feeling is to me an ongoing miracle. We have no guarantee that we will live another day or another moment, so every new day is a gift to be enjoyed.

Enjoy life as it comes

Written in response to SYW, hosted by Melanie



61 thoughts on “Sharing my world- 4/18/22

  1. Love your answer to the gratitude section! Also, I’m clueless about that question on the composer’s piece. Is it supposed to be 4 minutes and 33 seconds of complete silence and that was the piece? Well, hmmm.

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  2. Thank you Sadje for Sharing Your World! I think there’s a line between over buying and buying because you like something. The first might be kinda bad, but the second? To me? You’re merely giving yourself some love. Not the same. Plus who doesn’t deserve a treat now and again? 🙂 You’re quite right about the job question…you could do anything at all and hate it, so it would be a really crumby job OR if you loved doing it and doing a great job at it, shoveling manure could be very fulfilling! I love the little memes too! Have a great week!

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  3. Great answers Sadje. I loved going to work every day which meant it was great. I knew others who hated every day they taught. It’s a shame if you don’t love your job. Your art work is wonderful. Your meme is hilarious.

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