It was Covid!

It is strange to get the diagnosis after I’ve almost recovered, but today after taking another Covid rapid test at home, I tested positive for it. I had an online consultation with a doctor dealing with Covid who told me that I’ve recovered from Covid and today, my 10 day of illness is the last day I’ll have to quarantine.

Why am I telling you this?

When I got ill, I immediately suspected Covid, but the two tests done at home were negative. I treated myself ( based on my medical background) with a broad spectrum antibiotic, Tylenol/ paracetamol and cough syrups. After being moderately ill for five days, I was on the road to recovery, when my grandson developed similar symptoms and when tested, was Covid positive.

This made me more or less sure that I too had Covid. He, by the Grace of God, wasn’t very ill at all. A day and a half of fever, some cold-like symptoms, and not eating properly for a couple of days. Now he is back to his bouncy self and getting bored staying at home. He’s had one Pfizer vaccine but will have to wait for 6-12 weeks for the next one.

The whole point of my post is that when someone commented that I got Covid despite the vaccination, my answer to them is that I got a mild version of the disease, and that too because of the fact that I take immunosuppressant for my autoimmune diseases. If I hadn’t had two primary vaccines for Covid and two boosters, I probably would have had a severe case of the disease because of my pre-existing conditions. The other point I’m trying to make is that this current variant is way less potent and the symptoms it causes are milder!

I am now recovered enough to fast again and feel almost 100% restored to health. I want to thank all of my blogging friends for sending their good wishes and prayers for me. My heartfelt gratitude to you all.

Thank you so much!



138 thoughts on “It was Covid!

  1. We are going for one more booster before we have to fly in May. You give me hope. I will have to check in with my doctor to see if there is anything else I need to do. We are old enough and fragile enough that flying is a pretty scary thing now.

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  2. Oh Sadje, I’m beyond relieved, grateful and blessed by this update. You’re a strong woman and you do all the right things–so glad you and your grandson are on the mend…and quickly! 🙂

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  3. I must admit I did wonder. So glad you’ve recovered. I agree with you about less severity thanks to your vaccinations and boosters. We’ve had 2 vaccinations and one booster. So far, there is no mention of people in our age group getting a second. Once again visitors are coming to our town with no thought about masks or giving people space. Our only option is to stay away from crowded places and wear masks when we have to shop.

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  4. I still wear a mask even though I don’t have to and distance without even thinking about it. I’ve had my two vaccine shots ..I’ll get another if it is recommended. They are saying it’s all over but it doesn’t hurt to be careful. I’ve been lucky not to get it so far. But all the Covid precautions work for colds and flu too…I don’t want to get those either. Glad you are recovering 🤗🤗🤗🤗

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  5. Such terrific news my friend, that you are recovering. You are 100% correct that the vaccine does not keep you from getting the virus, just from the severity of its effect on your body. I had my second booster last week and I am grateful for feeling a little more protected. I still wear a mask and avoid people.

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      1. Did you work in the field at all? I was a dental assistant and receptionist – one girl office when I started. I worked for several years in that field before venturing out to many others and finally settling into teaching.

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        1. Oh we were required to be in the wards as sort of apprentice doctors, talk to patients, take histories of their illness and make our diagnosis regarding their complaints. It was a hands on method of learning.

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  6. I’ve had Covid twice. Once before vaccines were available and once after both shots and the booster. Night and day experience. The first time I got very sick, had a high heart rate, and shooting pain down my back and legs that kept me awake. The second time I thought I had allergies but took the test anyway. My husband works in a prison, so it’s a constant risk for us. I’ll keep getting boosted.💉 I’m glad your case was mild and that you’re out of quarantine!❤️

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  7. So happy to hear both you and your grandson have recovered. Good thing you got the shots, Sadje. Last year, apart from the Covid vaccine, I had my mom and grandfather vaccinated with pneumococcal (anti pneumonia) since my mom is immunocompromised and my grandpa is 85 yrs old. Vaccines do help in avoiding the severity.

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  8. So glad you’re okay! I agree you’d likely be much worse off if you hadn’t been vaccinated and boosted. I had COVID back in February and am so happy to have had a mild case too thanks to my two regular vaccinations and one booster (there’s no talk of people in my age group getting a second booster here). Do take it easy though, as you might notice yor level of physical fitness has declined a bit.

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  9. So glad to know that you are better now and so is your grandson. It is foolish to think vaccines can save us from getting infected (only ee can do that) but they definitely reduce severity and save lives. Take care.

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    1. Thank you so much Punam! Many people haven’t had Covid because they are vaccinated. I think I got it because I’m on immunosuppressants. But over all, I’m very glad that it was a mild case and I wasn’t even aware of my disease while I had it.


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