A to Z challenge O for Optimism

Personal experiences, incidents and smiles

I am an incurable optimist!

Some people call being always optimistic as toxic positivity. Do I agree with it?

Perhaps, but it would be toxic if I try to force others to see things from my point of view. And I do admit that when my children were younger, I used to try to convince them that things aren’t as black as they thought they were. But now I’ve learned to let other people be however they like.

My own strength lies in my optimistic way of looking at life, always hoping for the best and pragmatically accepting things as they happen. I never pretend that everything is just wonderful or perfect, but I see things as they are and try to find positives in any situation that befalls me or those who are dear to me. I guess making the best of a bad circumstance is also ingrained into my personality.

To me, the optimist is the one who is a realist with hope alive in their hearts. They don’t see everything through rose-colored glasses but are hopeful to find positives in any given situation!

Are you an optimist? How do you deal with life’s disappointments?



54 thoughts on “A to Z challenge O for Optimism

  1. I’m not an optimist usually. I like to be pleasantly surprised when things go well. But I’m not a gloomy pessimist either. I just generally believe I don’t know what tomorrow will bring and try to prepare best as I can…

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  2. Well said. I have a similar view towards living. Look at life in an uncomplicated way. Neglect any aberrations or negative. Work with the positives. And if negatives can’t be wished away then deal with it or in extreme cases accept it.

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  3. Yes, I think I am fairly optimistic, which is not easy in a world that is focused on negatives much of the time. I do believe in the axiom that situations come as blessings or lessons. I try to find the lesson in challenging situations (or people).

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  4. I think when one has had to live with disappointment early on and has had to deal with negativity early in life, that converting to being an optiomist (with the help of the ‘right’ partner), can be a very good thing.

    There will always be people who will try to gossip and talk ill and preach half-facts as full. And of course there are true horrors. But I think you are correct to say that optiomism isn’t just seeing the world through rose colored glasses, but they (we are) being realists. Being a realist can be an asset.

    We resently had some work done on our home. ‘They’ didn’t bring or use the ‘special’ equiptment they said they would. ‘They’ are gone. And we are finding some flaws. But we know the roof over our heads will not collapse and that we can’t possibly bring them back to correct the errors. It is a true lesson that good help is hard to find. No matter how many estimates you get… you get what you pay for. Sometimes less sometimes more. So we’ll have to just laugh and not look to closely at the shadows that make us sigh…

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  5. “They don’t see everything through rose-colored glasses but are hopeful to find positives in any given situation!”
    A great way to be. I think I still consider myself as cautiously optimistic. I look for the good in everything I can. I am a realist too because I know there will be bad crud I have to deal with. I would not like to be a pessimist who only saw bad.

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  6. I try to be as optimistic as possible, but there are some days it just isn’t possible. You have a great outlook on life my friend. It is kind of funny I should read this tonight. A meme just came up in my memories that said something about looking on the positive side… I fell down the stairs today, Wow, I sure fell down those stairs fast! See there is always something positive. Ha, ha, ha!

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