A to Z challenge N for Nonchalant

Personal experiences, incidents and smiles

I wish I weren’t so uptight and stressed out 
I’d like to be nonchalant like some people I admire
Nothing fazes or stresses them out
Cool as cucumbers even under extreme tension
How to acquire a dose of nonchalance
To inject into my personality to make me chilled too
Whatever is the occasion, they take it in their stride
No panic if the unexpected guests are dropping by
Arrange an impromptu dinner, no worries at all
But I guess we are all born with our strengths
So it’s futile to envy what I don’t possess
Better improve what talents I have

Are you cool as a cucumber personality or like a cat on hot bricks?



50 thoughts on “A to Z challenge N for Nonchalant

  1. love the poem and we are all indeed different, that’s what makes the world interesting. I’m th pretty calm and improv type but many people I love are not and we balance it out

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