A to Z challenge M for Mood elevators

Personal experiences, incidents and smiles

There are certain things, actions and gestures that cause us instant joy. There are known mood elevators like;

Favorite food. This can instantly lift our mood and makes us cheerful.

Perfume; A whiff of your favorite perfume or an aroma that you associate with a joyful activity puts us in a better frame of mind.

Music; Music may not be a panacea for everything, but it sure helps to make life better in many situations.

Self-care; Pampering oneself often makes us feel better about ourselves and loved.

Kindness and Generosity; These actions when performed with sincerity, give us great joy. That’s why philanthropy is an activity that is thriving all over the planet.

A trip down the memory lane; Remembering good times, good people in your life, past and present never fails to cheer me up. That’s why a chat with my childhood friends will always lift my mood.

There are many other ways that help to cheer us up and bring us out of doldrums. What do you do to lift your mood?



52 thoughts on “A to Z challenge M for Mood elevators

  1. I agree with all your points. Food offers uplifting…generosity offers a warm hug inside ( on both the giver and the receiver). Blessings all around when one finds ways to elevate mood. A wonderful inspirational share Sadje. You are the Queen of inspirational blogging (in my opinion👍)

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  2. Excellent choices, Sadje. I agree with them all. I also get deep joy from being with people in my life that inspire me, from being in solitude so I can reflect upon and contemplate life, and from being in nature. Thank you for sharing, my friend.

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  3. A very interesting blog…. There are so many things that can effect the mood, like a good workout could be a mood elevator. A smile from someone or good gesture from someone could be mood elevator. So yeah small things bring many changes, keep sharing

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