A to Z challenge L for Learning anew

Personal experiences, incidents and smiles

Learning is an ongoing process!

We keep on learning new things every day, especially when we are teaching someone, something. The trick is to keep an open mind.

Recently, I was telling someone how to do a certain task, rechecking the facts lead to a discovery; it isn’t how I thought it was but was quite different. I was hit by the realization that I have been doing it the wrong way the entire time.

We are never too old to learn and teaching is a way to open our minds and learn new things. It often happens to me, when I am helping my 12-year-old grandson with his studies that either my knowledge is outdated or I remember it incorrectly. So together we learn the facts and theories. I am not ashamed to admit that I am not always right and that there are gaps in my knowledge. I happily learn new things and am grateful for this opportunity to refresh my knowledge.

Are you keen t to o learn new things, facts or skills? Do share in the comments.



51 thoughts on “A to Z challenge L for Learning anew

  1. Great share as always Sadje! Yes, I was hit by your point that sometimes, I do not remember things correctly…how very true and humbling to admit to one’s Self that one is not perfect…at anything.
    Deeply meditative post for me. Thank You!

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  2. We are all students for life Sadje. One should never stop learning. Being open to admit your mistakes and learn afresh shows your humility, wonderful quality to have. You are setting a right example for the youngsters in your family too πŸ‘πŸ»β€οΈ

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  3. As you know, I love to learn new things, and while the learning process can be arduous at times, one thing is for sure. I’m those moments of learning, we are growing! And growth is a beautiful thing. Lovely share, Sadje.

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  4. It is rather disconcerting when I think I know something, only to realize I’ve got it wrong–sometimes it has to do with word definitions, which does not a stellar poet make! πŸ™‚

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  5. We are all learners as long as we are alive. But sometimes we stubbornly insist that what we have known for years is right.
    You inspire through your words to admit that one cannot know everything and that learning is growing. ❀️

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