A to Z challenge K for Kebabs

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Though I am mostly a vegetarian, I like kebabs once in a while.

Thanks to Indian and middle eastern restaurants all over the world, most people are familiar with kebabs.

But we, the inhabitants of the Indian sub-continent are aware that there are kebabs and then there are kebabs. There are many types of kebabs, all taste differently and all are made differently.

Shami kebabs; These are made when mince( chicken or beef) is cooked with split chickpeas till they are softened and completely dry. After mixing an assortment of dried and fresh spices, round Patties are made and fried after dipping in egg wash.

Seekh kebabs are the ones most people are familiar with. Chicken or beef mince is mixed with onions, spices, and chilies and marinated for a few hours. It is then put on skewers and cooked on open flame.

Chapali kebabs; These are made in a way similar to seekh kebabs but instead of grilling on flame, they are fried in oil till done.

There are other varieties of kebabs;

Kafta kebabs

Bihari kebabs

Chicken cheese kebabs……

So you see that kebabs have their own section in the cook books.

Have you tried kebabs? Which ones you liked best?



80 thoughts on “A to Z challenge K for Kebabs

  1. You are making me hungry Sadje. Towards the end of the first Taliban reign of terror many Afghani refugees made their way to Canada to start a new life with a steady flow ever since. The Afghani people have proven to be a very resourceful peoples and one (among many) of their contribution to Canadian society has been the kabab restaurants they have opened. From several chains to small Mom and Pop shops the quality of the food is outstanding and includes manyof the kabab styles you talk of in your post. That said, as good as they are my favourite is a place that stood long before the Afghani arrivals. It is a little Pakistani spot with the best green chutney I’ve ever tasted. I could put that on anything.

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    1. I’m glad you like the Pakistani restaurant the best. Afghani good is good too, but traditionally more fatty. But their naans are excellent


      1. I suspect that you are just a little bit biased. 🀣 There is a large and well established Pakistani community here too, that spans many generations now. I love the international diversity of my community, especially the foods, gone are the days where it was a variation of meat and potatoes for dinner every night.

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  2. I am Pakistani and we often eat and like kebabs. I also help my mom in making these. On Edi ul Adha in which we sacrifice sheep and cows, we enjoyed it a lot on occasion because we make a different variety of meat dishes.

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