Sharing my world- Guest hosting

This week instead of Melanie, Share Your World is being hosted by Tena Carr, of Jottings and writings


Do You Prefer Salty Foods or Sweet Foods?

It totally depends on my mood. When I’m hungry I like salty food, not a snack but a proper meal. But most days after dinner I crave something sweet. Even a piece of chocolate would satisfy my cravings.

Would you rather be in a place where it is excessively hot or excessively cold?

I would prefer a moderate climate, but if very hot or very cold are the only choices, I’d prefer cold as we already live in a country where the summers are very hot and almost 9 months long.

Favorite Mode of long distance travel (Bus, Plane, Train, Automobile, or other).

Definitely a plane. I get fed up sitting in one place for a long time and I can walk around in a plane. And a plane gets to the destination faster.

What was your favorite holiday growing up? (You can also use american holidays or appropriate holidays from your country)

I like Eid-ul-Fitr which comes after the month of Ramadan. After fasting for one month, the idea of eating whenever you can is very attractive. Plus we also receive and give gifts so it’s a bit like Christmas.


Gratitude Section

What gave you the most gratification this week?

I’ve shared in a previous post that it was the birthday of my granddaughter last Saturday. We all traveled to Lahore and had a wonderful time. My grandson also turned 3 on Sunday but we couldn’t attend his birthday as we had to be back in Islamabad. But it was a joyful weekend.

Thanks Tena for hosting this week.



38 thoughts on “Sharing my world- Guest hosting

  1. These questions are well-formed and Tena’s responses are genuine and real. I love how she speaks about her preferred climate and favorite holiday. Ain’t a Muslim, but I’ve always felt the period after Ramadhan wonderfully festive and unifying. I love how they celebrate it with the needy here in Kenya. 💖

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      1. Oh, Tena was the host, I forgot.. thought twas the other way round, haha. I enjoyed your responses indeed. And yes, I’m also happy that Muslims here continue to spread love too. It’s such a wonderful thing. ❤

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