On board

Are you on board with the new plan?, my husband asked me hesitantly.

He knew that I wanted to be the one making the choices and not everyone else, but in the holiday spirit I gave a lukewarm consent.

As we tried to finalize the details one thing or the other fell through, if the hotel booking was confirmed, then the airline tickets were canceled due to bad weather.

After trying for two weeks, my husband and the rest of the family just gave up for the trip was not happening due to one reason or the other.

When I saw everyone pulled down with disappointment because our first-ever trip to the north-most resort wasn’t happening, I came up with a backup plan.

Let’s all go to the capital and just relax for the week we were planning to go to Skardu, there won’t be any stress as everything can be arranged satisfactorily beforehand”, this being my idea, I was most enthusiastic about the family vacation.


Written for Six Sentences Story- Board, hosted by Girlie on the edge’s blog- Denise



52 thoughts on “On board

  1. That must have been a huge disappointment for everyone, Sadje. Good for you for pulling together an alternative everyone could get on board with. The objective is to get a away as a family for a vacation, even if it’s not quite the one you planned 🙂

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