….. Why Should People Read Your Blog?

I wrote this post some time ago and am now sharing it again with some revisions. As Dr. Tanya is not posting her blogging insight posts in April, I felt that sharing this post again is a good idea.

Once upon a time, Rory of A Guy Called Bloke asked this question;

Why should People Read Your Blog…….

To answer this question, I went and looked through some of the comments my readers have left on my blog.

They have very kindly shared their thoughts on my posts and what I have come up with are these reasons:

1. I write with all my convictions and from my heart. That appeals to most of my readers. If a person is sincere and believes in what they are saying/ writing, then that has more impact on others.

2. I have a variety of subjects on my blog. It’s not about one topic only. That makes for an interesting mix and people like to read that.

3. I write many times a day and that makes it easy for them to catch either one or all of my posts.

4. I write about my own life experiences and some readers can relate to that.

So these are a few reasons, why people read my blog.

Many people when asked, respond that it is not important to them how many people read their posts but I feel that deep down in our heart we do want some acknowledgment and feedback on our writing. I have been very lucky that I have connected with like-minded people on WordPress who read my posts and share their views too.

Why do you read my blog?

Please share your thoughts and feedback in the comments.



93 thoughts on “….. Why Should People Read Your Blog?

  1. Presumably, everybody reads a blog because it fulfils a niche. But what that niche is might be different for everybody?

    My niche is demonstrating that there is life after stroke.

    I read your blog btw because you answer some of the same prompts as a lot of other blogs I follow, and it is useful to see a spread. I even took part in some of the prompts, when I had more time.

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        1. Thanks Pete for sharing smiles. It’s going well for others but I’ve picked up a bug from somewhere and haven’t been fasting for the last two days. Thankfully the Covid test was negative.

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  2. Interestin thoughts Sadje.
    I am not a writer or poet neither good in blogging.
    Your blog is interesting because you cover wide range of subjects and some of them are to my liking.
    And most importantly you respond to your followers comments on your blog posts promptly.
    Finally I wish to tell you that you encourage fellow bloggers with your kind words.
    God bless you

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  3. Your blogs are inspiring and interesting. Your experiences, wise words, question answers segments make it more unique. Believe me, I love your blog. Moreover, your kind and heartwarming nature is just so touching. 💗
    Sending love and prayers. 🙏❤

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  4. Those are actually the exact reasons i read your blogs. Plus, your blogs are engaging and interesting, making them stand out of the clatter. Also, people generally appreciate those who share back kindness, and that’s a good thing you’ve mastered: you don’t just write and stick to your blog, you actually read from your followers too. Ain’t that amazing! 😊

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  5. Why do I read your blog? Because you are one of the kindest, most compassionate and lovely people I’ve encountered in Blogland. You’re also very supportive without being harsh if something isn’t quite to your taste. I’ve remarked before (I think) that you could teach blogging etiquette classes if you’d a mind. And I consider you a good friend. 🥰

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    1. Oh Melanie, that’s so kind of you. I definitely think of you as my dear friend. No matter that we haven’t met or are likely to but we understand each other. Thanks


  6. I read your blog because you are an optimist, yet grounded in reality. You are religious in a generous and open-hearted way that gives me hope for humanity. Mostly, though, because you write well and with intelligence and insight. It is a rare combination.

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  7. I read blog authors and posts if they interest me–and if no one shows up at my blog, I’ll take it as a sign I’m done and move on to the next project 🙂

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  8. I definitely relate to all these reasons, but also because I think putting yourself online and documenting your lessons, experiences, and thoughts in general is really cool, and can (hopefully) open up many opportunities in the future😃

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  9. Amazing post Sadje. I blog because I love to write and my Mens Fashion blogs are a reflection of who I am in real life and what I love to do which is blogging, photography and creating content and going to photoshoots whereby I model my clothes and share my outfits here on my blog.

    Interesting topic🙌

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