A to Z challenge I for Ink stains

Personal experiences, incidents and smiles

Writing with an ink pen in sixth grade 
Was a new experience for the clumsy me
There were many accidents with ink bottles and pens
A leaking pen in the white uniform shirt
Fingers stained with multiple ink stains
A broken bottle of ink on the floor of exam hall
Shoes and clothes of the teacher splattered with blue
Getting scolded by everyone for being so careless
The only saving grace was that I worked out
How boiling the clothes in water will make the ink disappear


Did you write with an ink pen in grade school? How was your experience?



84 thoughts on “A to Z challenge I for Ink stains

  1. Where I went to school in the islands, we had pencils. Ink and desks with inkwells were to expensive for each student. Only the teachers and the headmistress/nun had them, as far as I can recall. I remember as an adult purchasing a Schaeffer pen with the plastic ink cartridge just for nostalgia reasons…haha

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  2. Hehe 😄😄 your post brought me back to the elementary school days in China when they made us write in pens (not the ball point kind). I remember ink would leak all over my hands and homework, especially when I thought it had ran out of ink then I’d shake it and drops of ink would be everywhere. 🙂

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  3. I loved using fountain pens. I mostly had the cartridge kind, but also another kind you could re-fill with ink. I loved the scratchy sound the nib made on paper. My go to color was called peacock blue. 🙂

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  4. Ink pen, and blotting paper. To learn how to write and to be able to write in biro was the dream. There is something good about writing in ink pen. Although I do love writing in ink pen. It takes me back to when I was younger, and learning how to write properly.

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  5. Took me back to school. Guess what I continue to use a fountain pen now for almost 6/7 years and I cant think of a life without it.

    Just that it has a refill. I hope to get back the the ink pot soon. :))

    Happy rest of the week, Sadje.

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  6. Wow! Did this bring back memories!! I think I was one of the last kids in my class to write with an ink pen. I remember my maths teacher scolding me for my ink stained hands. He asked me why I can’t use a ball pen like the other students.

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