Wonder of the starry light

Starry nights entice 
Stand under the open night sky
Gaze at the twinkling lights of heaven, amazed
Can you solve the mystery
Of time and space
Can you really understand how
And when it all began and where it ends
We admire the view
Our wonderment of grandeur born anew


Prime Verse is syllabic poetry with similarities to the Nonet (which decreases 9 syllables to 1) and Rictameter (which goes up and down by twos from 2 to 10 and descends again). Prime Verse starts at 5 syllables, goes to the next prime number 7, the next which is 11, down and up again. The last couplet is the only set that rhymes and is 5 and 11 syllables. Nine lines in total; 5,7,11,7,5,7,11,5,11.


The wonder of experiencing the universe or the earth.

Written for April poetry Challenge, hosted by Rebecca



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