Another trip back home

This weekend was a hectic one. The reason;

Unicorn themed decorations

My granddaughter turned 3!

My daughter couldn’t celebrate her daughter’s birthday properly for the last 2 years due to Covid. So this year she did it in style. Though the invitees were just immediate family, she went all out by cooking a lot of food herself and making lovely decorations. I came to Lahore with my elder daughter and grandson to be a part of this celebration.

This is the reason that I’ve been very busy this weekend and wasn’t much on WordPress. I’ve missed many posts from my favorite bloggers and have commented less.

Unicorn themed cake

Today we are heading back and hopefully things will be back to normal.



90 thoughts on “Another trip back home

  1. Oh! Happy birthday to the baby!!
    And those decorations are amazing. That cake? I want two of them! Your daughter can do all of that? She is very talented.
    But one question: those balloons look like they were inflated manually not with a tank. Who had the miserable job of blowing all of those up??

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          1. I suggest showing her this post – it will let her see that you are really proud of her, and I’m sure that other people have commented on how beautiful it all is. That means it’s not just mom who said she loved it. Then set her loose on the world and let her decorate the whole thing!

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  2. Oh my! 3 years old is a fun age–looks like the party was wonderful!!! Did your daughter make the cake herself too–it looks lovely and so professional!

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  3. What a beautiful grand celebration. You must be so proud of your daughter for pulling this off so well.

    Covid has made us realise how much we have missed family ties, connections and celebrations that we took for granted.

    Bless your and your family, Sadje. 💙💙

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  4. Sorry Sadje, I am so late! But I hope it was a wonderful time for the entire family. Give my best wishes and hugs to your granddaughter next time you visit. And such a great job by your daughter! You must be beaming with pride! ❤️

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