How is it possible?

How is it possible?

That time is passing so quickly? We are in the fourth month of 2022 which started just a moment ago! One day it’s Monday and the next you know it’s Friday again. Has the time grown wings or we are moving forward at the speed of light?

There are so many questions that we cannot answer and this is one of them. How is it possible?


Written for Linda’s SoCS prompt- How



62 thoughts on “How is it possible?

  1. At the risk of sounding a bit “out there” — time is perhaps, perspective and human context. We all share the same second around the world—yet its affects are varied.
    Wonderful thought-provoking share Sadje. One of my favorite topics to ponder philosophically. Thank You!

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  2. We moved into our current home when our eldest started 3rd grade – imagine the shock when our first grand entered 3rd grade!!!

    Time does fly. Hard to believe ‘The Twins’ are almost two months old and soon due for their first vaccinations!

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