The typewriter


Image Credit: Okalinichenko

What does this image inspire in you? Let it all flow out. Create order in what appears to be disorder.


The old typewriter sat forlorn in the attic, neglected. Mom wanted to throw it or give it away because, let’s be practical here, she said, who uses a typewriter anymore? But dad was adamant that it should not be touched. This was an ongoing battle among them. Having heard my dad’s defense of this machine so many times, my curiosity was piqued. I decided to check it out.

Though it was old, the typewriter still gleamed in the dull light from the attic window. I touched the keys and they moved smoothly, without any issues that most old machines have. On a whim, I inserted a page in it and typed a few words. To my amazement, the typewriter came to life, it’s keys moving on their own and rapidly it typed out something. I took the page out and read the poem it had typed.

My tools
The stories I can tell
Employing these 26 letters
Will hold you spellbound wanting more
Stories of love and betrayal
Stories of joy and heartbreak
Tales of adventures amazing, inspiring
Accounts of journeys unusual
History of mankind, freedom struggles
But I keep silent
My stories are locked
Inside my metal shell
Keep my secret
Tell no one!

The secret is safe with me. But I often go up to the attic and ask the typewriter to tell me a story!


Written for RXC # 225, hosted by Reena

64 thoughts on “The typewriter

  1. It’s a story-driven world. And the language is retained with the QWERTY keyboard, to enable use of the same set of skills. I bet the typewriter resents the word processor, the dictaphone and devices that we use today. Just like the past resents the present, and the present fears the future.

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