A to Z challenge – G for Games

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I am not much into playing physical games. But I do like playing games on my phone. These can become addictive over time.

Back in 2013-14 I downloaded two games on my phone. One was Nemo derived from the first movie and the other was based on Ice age. I got so addicted to these that I had to start my day with doing the daily tasks that the games called for. I even spend money to buy the virtual stuff in these games, a lot of money. My kids used to make fun of my addiction to these games. Luckily for me that as I changed my phone they weren’t compatible with my new phone. This served to break my addiction and I had to stop cold Turkey.

Now I just play cards games on my phone. I can say that they are mildly addictive but I don’t feel that I have to play them if I don’t have time.

My elder brother, who is a doctor told me a long time back to keep my mind actively engaged by doing puzzles and playing games that make me think. It’s one way of preventing pre-senile dementia. So I do it for medical reasons, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Are you a gamer? What sort of games you like to play?



82 thoughts on “A to Z challenge – G for Games

      1. I like spending time with students. If the physical education teacher is absent then for the substitution period, I take them out to play and I play with them too.Thank you once again, dear. ❤️

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  1. I don’t like games of any kind. When I want to do something mindless, I organize my files and customize my phone…🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

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  2. I play wordle every morning and I really think it does keep you sharp. Unfortunately it seems to have replaced thee NYTimes Crossword puzzle because…
    Well as a retired person I only have so much time. Between the walking, and the blogging, and the living life I am a very busy person!

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  3. I play phone games daily: solo Scrabble, solitaire (multiple forms), and another word game. I’m starting to enjoy them more than physical games because no one loses. I do play physical games with friends and sometimes Code Names over zoom. I also play other games with my kids in person…

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  4. I have several games on my Kindle. Most are word games and card games, which I do every day. But there is a silly bubble pop game that is addictive. It is pretty mindless, and I waste a lot of time on it. Every day I tell myself to delete it. Maybe tomorrow will be the day.🤨

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  5. You are hilarious, Sadje! But of course you have to trust your brother the doctor!! The more I read you, the more I wish you lived next door 🙂

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  6. When it comes to physical games, I love handball and when it goes on to phone games, i loved temple run. But i stopped playing cause I realized it was wasting my time. Hah. These days blogging, reading, watching and evening walks are my best pastimes.

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  7. My mom loves Candy Crush and Bubble Witch Saga. It helps her relax. She loves Wordscape as well. My dad on the other hand loves Chess and Suduko. I don’t often play games on my phone but I sometimes play the one’s my parents play as well.

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  9. Along with a large group of people I am addicted to Wordle. I also play spider solitaire daily… occasionally I will find another word game or sudoku puzzle to solve. Oh and my Nintendo Switch is always around with Animal Crossing in it.

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