That old place

There is that old place deep in the wilderness

Memories it holds of my bygone days

I visit it in my dreams, never in real life

The guilt I feel at abandoning it eats at my soul

Better let it stand forlorn, neglected and alone

The good the bad that lives in its walls

Swirl inside that old place in solitary peace


Written for CCC # 178, hosted by Crispina Kemp



31 thoughts on “That old place

  1. This reminds me of an abandoned home, more modern that ‘us’ kids found one summer.
    It looked as the people had left in the middle of a meal and never came back…

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          1. Only the old walls will tell…
            We never did go back and I think eventually the house was either taken down, sold or both.

            One could maybe imagine that a runner from the law thought it best to move on quickly because someone snitched they’re where abouts? That’s only one possiblity. 😉

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