A to Z challenge -F is for Fitness

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I started my walking journey seven years ago. It all started when I brought my first fitness tracker, Fitbit. I have achieved my walking goals. My tracker, made me get up and walk 250 steps, for at least five hours a day. It reminded me that I haven’t achieved my daily steps goal. If I was a bit short on getting to my goal for the day, there was an encouraging message on my app. And similarly, if I went 25% beyond my goal, I’d get a well-done message. These all motivational messages and prompts kept me on my toes, literally.

If I can walk that much, you can too. We just need the proper motivation.There are numerous benefits of walking for us all. Health, both physical and mental is greatly improved by taking a walk, at least five days a week. There is a boost in the mood levels and confidence of people walking daily. Walking stimulates the blood flow through the brain and you can get many new ideas and maybe solve problems irking your mind. So put on those walk shoes, which are sitting in your closet, and head out. Or if it’s too cold or hot, rainy or foggy, stay indoors and walk in the house. I walk indoors if it’s not a good time to walk outside. The aim is to walk, so do that. Whatever the weather or time. I wrote this post a while ago, about my fitness tracker and how it helps me with keeping track of my steps, sleep, and intake.

For the last two years, I’ve switched to Apple Watch, which has many functions in addition to being a fitness tracker like a Fitbit. No matter what method you use, being fit should be the goal. Fitness matters in every stage of life, especially in older people because a lot of our health goals and stats are improved if we are looking after our health.

Since my topic for today was fitness, I included WQW prompt in my post too.

Also written for;WQW#14: Four Steps to Achieve Total Fitness – Body, Mind, Soul, and Social, hosted by Marsha



72 thoughts on “A to Z challenge -F is for Fitness

  1. Walking is good. I used to try to do 10,000 steps a day. But I heard that doing from 6,000 to 8,000 a day is also good…enough. My tracker is an old model of your first brand. It is enough for me. Before my hubby retired his work gave us bonus points for various amounts of steps, listening to lectures, and various things that went to an on line account that we could cash in on prizes. But not so much now that we aren’t on that program anymore. I did find out that with his free gym membership he gets (and eventually I will) get some gift card credits for attending so many classes and or just signing in and walking on the track in the gym. My tracker isn’t water safe. So I won’t be wearing it in the pool! 🙂

    Keep up the good work!


    1. Any tracker is good enough. My own walking has been curtailed because my left foot is giving me trouble. I need surgery to fix it and that can only happen in summer break.

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  2. When I walked through my separation and divorce, it really helped me with stress… then fibromyalgia hit and a walk too long or too fast kept me in pain for days. Now I walk in a heated pool (among other exercises I do there) and it is easier for my body to tolerate that. You have done such a great job with your walking… keep it up!

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