I turned on the light!

In that dark hour of the night,
My eyes suddenly opened wide
Sleep abandoned me and left me bereft
The blinking l.e.d indicator on the clock
Swam in front of my eyes in a surreal way
Where am I, I wonder cluelessly
Every thought jumbled up in my brain
Leftover dregs of dreams spicing up my thoughts
Reality and fantasy interwoven intricately
I turned on the light and it was all ordinary again


Written for;Eugi’s Weekly Prompt –Surreal – April 5, 2022



64 thoughts on “I turned on the light!

  1. Fear and anxiety in the mid of blackness. I could feel it, I’ve felt it before, as if there are figures lurking in the darkness and people mooting around, hahaha, it’s always creepy till you turn on the lights and see that it’s normal.

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          1. I have no idea what the little rectangle-shaped empty box is that I’m seeing where comments usually are–is it a symbol for something? Please enlighten me once more 🙂

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  2. The power of light!!!! The issues that haunts us haunts us in the darkness of unresolved “stuff”. When we let in the light, how ever we let in the light, we find our way back to OUR normal.

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  3. I’ve had some dreams I thought I woke up from… but hadn’t. That’s really a surreal feeling.
    I had a dream of a burgler one night, so I made sure the next night I bolted the extra locks.
    It is disheartening how the news challenges our rest. May we all find ways to help those in need.

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