Don’t worry what others think!

You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do”

Eleanor Roosevelt

I think our ego makes us think that people are always thinking about us, talking about us whereas the reality is very different.

Written for Linda’s One Liner Wednesday



65 thoughts on “Don’t worry what others think!

  1. Maybe it’s a reflection of ourselves and how much time we waster thinking about what others are doing. And we think that they’re doing the same. Mmm…..I will keep this in mind!

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  2. People do not think about ourselves. They don’t want to think, they just want to bother us. They just want to spoil our mood and mental peace with their bitter words.
    They just want to us that we put our steps backward.
    So don’t worry about people they are just people so join the company of people who provide love, affection, and sincerity to your decisions and always are good advisers.

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  3. Oh, this is true. It’s certainly good to worry less about people’s talks and focus. They might even not be talking about us when we, on the other hand and just as you’ve pointed out, keep thinking they do. Amazing. 👏

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  4. I get wrapped up in thinking about someone and then assume they think of me as often as I think of them. I it an important lesson to learn that everyone is not like you are.

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