Kids love colorful stamps. Even a toddler can use them without difficulty. I looked for washable colors when I bought this set for my daughter.

When I went into the family lounge where she was “working” everywhere that she could reach were colorful stamps of ducks, cats, fishes, bunnies, and of course, ponies. Her hands and clothes were also stained.

And that claim of washable ink wasn’t 100% true either!


Written for CCC # 177, hosted by Crispina Kemp

42 thoughts on “Stamps

  1. Uh oh, so sorry about that not-so-washable paint! I bet your daughter had fun…letting the creative muse loose, though. Even as an adult, I would still love to employ that “washable” muse to paint like a child….haha. I am not a good artist…

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  2. I think stamps are ageless and can be enjoyed by adults too.

    I used them as one of the rewards for my students. It was a good incentive for students to complete their assignments. And, once I checked their work, they could choose a stamp and stamp their work and know that it was a mark of validation of their work.

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  3. Oh No, not washable! But I have a feeling you’re the kind of mom who wouldn’t mind the mess–relishing the brilliant talent of your little ones!

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