Was it a dream?

Fairy – Image by KL Caley

(For visually challenged writers, the image shows a huge tree with a small blue fairy door on it)


Cheryl was an only child. She often wandered by herself. Her mother had told her not to go too far on her own but she was just 10 and had a wonderful imagination as well, so she often chased butterflies into the neighboring forest.

One day something happened. She saw a little blue door on a tree trunk. Intrigued, she reach up and knocked at it. The door opened and she peeped in to see an amazing sight. There were little fairies with shimmering wings going about their business. She hesitantly asked them who they were.

“We are fairies, don’t you know!” Said a blue-winged fairy.

“But how can I see you? I used to imagine fairies and pixies in this forest but I’ve never seen you before now”.

“The reason you can see us is that you believe in us. Those who don’t believe that we exist can never see us. Now since you’re here and our guest, I’d like to grant you one wish. What do you wish for?”

“You mean I can wish for anything?” Cheryl was too excited at this offer.

“Not anything! I can’t grant you material things. But if you wish for something that you want but cannot show to others, I can give you that”

After thinking about it for a few minutes, Cheryl was ready. “Can you grant me the vision to see all magical creatures?

“Oh yes, that’s in my power”. The blue fairy sprinkled some fairy dust in Cheryl’s eyes and told her that whenever she wanted, she could see fairies and other magical beings in the forest. But she would have this power till she was a child. Because grownups cannot see magical beings.

Years later, Cheryl still had vague recollections of that incident. Sometimes she thought it had been all a dream.

Written for WritePhoto # Fairy, hosted by KL Caley



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