What’s my right and what’s right?

This week Reena has given us the option to choose. I have chosen this quote;


Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do, and what is right to do.

Peter Stewart


We all talk about ethics

We pretend to be the follower

Of what is right, what is correct

But when it comes to the matter of

What suits us, benefits us we often renege

Demanding our rights, irrespective of the fact

That it sometimes will hurt others in the process

Practicing fair-mindedness in all things

Will result in us all enjoying the benefits

Of what’s right and what’s right for us all


Written for RXC # 224, hosted by Reena



60 thoughts on “What’s my right and what’s right?

      1. You’re welcome a bunch!! 🙂 The topic, and your words were so interesting because of the timing…I’ve spent the whole week trying to figure out if I had any rights, and/or what is the right thing to do/say in a specific conflicted situation. I concluded that I do have a right to my feelings–but it matters how I express them (in a right way); and I also gleaned some wisdom: in a conflict it’s best to take plenty of time before speaking, or taking any action…there’s no rush if it’s not a life/death matter. So your post was rather affirming, and a help to me. That’s what I love about blogging–the connections we may make that are not in the least superficial. Our “comments” and posts can be so encouraging, nurturing–offering perspective we may be missing when our emotions are all mixed up. So I thank you, Sadje💖

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        1. I’m glad that you got positive affirmation from my poem. I agree with you 100% that what we have here by the way of friendships and connections is very genuine. Thanks

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