A to Z challenge: A For Awesome people

Personal experiences, incidents and smiles

This post is dedicated to all the awesome people who have brought joy to my life.


I’ll start with my parents, grandparents, without whom I’m nothing

Then my dear friends who gave me the gift of friendship and acceptance

I have to mention my teachers and mentors who taught me the ways of life

I have to thank life itself too as it was my biggest teacher

My husband who stood by me through thick and thin, steadfast

My amazing children who are my pride and joy every day

The delight of my heart my grandchildren who can make me laugh and cry with joy

And last but not least, my awesome blogging friends who are more like a family to me

No person goes through the journey of life alone

All through the way we are touched by numerous people

And all through this journey we touch many, many people

Live life in a generous manner, leaving good memories behind you.


Who are the awesome people in your life? Please share.



85 thoughts on “A to Z challenge: A For Awesome people

  1. Excellent sharing of love. It is only through our sharing of love to others that we realize the love that has been shared with us. May we all learn the power of sharing love and kindness and the peace we will receive when we do so.

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  2. Amazing share, Sadje. There have been so people that have influenced me over the years, family, friends, coworkers, school colleagues, my life coach, our blogging family, and even some acquaintances. It’s amazing how many people we all have to be grateful to and for.

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  3. Super start for the challenge! So many people when you actually sit down to think of it have touched our lives in loving ways. Some come along for a lifetime, and others for only a short time, but each have left an impression on us. ❀

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