Rainy days

Proverbially, rain is synonymous with trouble, mishap, and something that’s unwanted. If we learn to take these unwelcome intrusions in our life as a challenge to go forward, to grow both in life and wisdom, and enjoy it at the same time, we can make our lives so much a more enjoyable.

Fighting with our circumstances is a futile effort. Acceptance brings us peace of mind and then, often we can find ways to conquer our problems.

I love this quote where rain is seen as cleansing, washing away our pain and troubles. Like tears can wash our souls of the pain, rain can be symbolic of tears of heaven, cleaning the buildup of woes and sorrows.

Dark clouds gathering, heralding rain
Birds flying towards safety as a storm is on its way

Written for WQW- Rain has the edge, hosted by Marsha



53 thoughts on “Rainy days

      1. I love to remember the rainy days as opportunities to jump in puddles with the kids when they were younger I still remember those little yellow boots…

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  1. I recognized some of those quotes and, as usual, your words jolt my brain into gear. “symbolic of tears of heaven, cleaning the buildup of woes and sorrows.” These symbolic tears of heaven are needed right now to fall over Ukraine. They need to fall worldwide – gentle soft drops – completely cleansing us from the woes, physical and financial of COVID. Maybe that’s why God caused the worldwide flood during Noah’s time. He won’t send another worldwide flood, but we need his tears to cleanse the world and help us make a new and peaceful start.

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  2. I for one don’t mind the rain. Used to love to watch storms roll in from the west through the big bay window we had in the dining room growing up. As a photographer the colours are at their best just after a good rainfall.

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