Mommy I want this!


Little Sandra squeaked with delight when she saw the vendor with balloons filled with twinkling lights. Mary approached the old man and bought one sparkly balloon for her daughter amid his heartfelt gratitude. He had to feed a family of four by selling these inexpensive balloons and he was grateful to have sold his last one and go home. Mary pressed a few dollars in his hands so that at least for one night he won’t have to worry.


Written in response to Cranny’s One Minute Fiction



61 thoughts on “Mommy I want this!

      1. It’s the first time I’m hearing that someone fears balloons. But then, that’s an individual trait. (:

        I’d like to know if there’s any particular reason for him to develop aversion towards balloons.

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        1. I don’t know but it started when his parents brought him lots of gas filled balloons on his 2nd birthday. I’ve seen kids being afraid of balloons in the past too.


  1. This reminds me of being in City Parks where sometimes there are various food sellers and others like the flower sellers or yes, balloon sellers … one always wonders about them. Nice ending.

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      1. I think some vendors might be like that. I know a road by the beach in California where a relative lives, that the vendors have spots on the main drag, but they only get those spots by a lottery – so they don’t even get the same spots every year.

        Now that I think about that ‘road’ some are artists, some sell t-shirts, others jewelry… what ever they can make or resell.

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