Mothers are unique

β€œIf evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands.” ~ Milton Berle.

This weekend, partner GC and I give you the challenge word Mother.


When a woman becomes a mother
She is blessed with unique attributes
Her emotional strength outweighs
The challenges that she faces
Like a superhero she can tackle
Every chore and task unflinchingly
It’s hard to put it in mere words
The appreciation and regard I feel
For mothers all over the world
In all times, past and present
It suffices to just say
Mothers are unique, loveliest of God’s creations


Written for;Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Mother, hosted by Sue W and GC




43 thoughts on “Mothers are unique

  1. I confess I have such a hard time with “mothers” prompts/posts, not having a mother who loved me…so I end up writing negative poems…

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    1. I’m so sorry Zelda that you had such a tough time of it. I know there are women who aren’t suited to the role of a mother. My own died when I was very young. But I see remarkable mothers around me and this poem is for them all.

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      1. I understand that–I was just letting you know I probably can’t write something “nice” to post. We have Mother’s Day in May, and it’s the same thing all over again.

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  2. Being a mother is unique. Even for those who have not given birth to a child. Women who have stepped up to raise children are indeed wonderful people, often thinking of others before self. I think we need more of the compassion that caring women have to help heal our world. Though I was reading a news article that some women in charge – in the past (and maybe even the present?) can be as brutal as some men.

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