They don’t show mercy

They don’t show you mercy, why should you?

They are not kind and forgiving, why should you be?

It’s a dog eat dog world, each looking for their own

When hearts are empty of empathy and understanding

Empty of grace and charity, shouldn’t we also

Don the same garment of apathy as they are wearing

Should we not treat them the same way they treat others


Should we be better, kinder, more charitable than them?

“PROMPT #223- No mercy”

I want to pull you out of your comfort zone this week.

Play the Devil’s Advocate for a change”

Written for RXC # 223- NO MERCY, hosted by Reena



73 thoughts on “They don’t show mercy

  1. Ah, indeed it is our choice. Choosing kindness, compassion, and empathy is understanding ourselves well, and that of the human condition. We all need the same from each other. Wonderful poem, Sadje. I love it.

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