In harmony

To live a contented life, harmony in all aspects is essential. It’s true that one is never in control of everything, not even when it’s our own life but what we can control is the way we think and react.

When we overcome the conflict in our minds regarding how we think and behave, we are halfway to our goal of achieving harmony. Acceptance is one of the first steps in aligning our actions and thoughts.

The next and final step is to implement acceptance in our lives. We cannot fight with everything that’s happening in our lives so we should learn to go with the flow, do our best and be always willing to accept things as they are and not want them to be as we like!


Written for Six Sentences Story- Harmony, hosted by Girlie on the edge’s blog, Denise



68 thoughts on “In harmony

  1. I think it really does take training to do this. And we are our own trainer. Sometimes I blurt out things and don’t even know where the words came from.
    The other day I told my husband, “I’m waiting in the car. You go take care of it.”
    I was afraid I would get angry.

    Being aware and being alert have helped me with harmonizing. 🙂

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      1. Do you think it is because we are capable of living in more denial than truth? Acceptance of one’s own circumstance/behavior to me would be in-line with a personal truth. When we fall into denial, we are lying to ourselves, and I am so guilty of that.

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