In between the lines- Love

In between the lines. Art by Sally Brown

Jude’s Ponderous thoughts prompt # 26;

This month, pick a base emotion like hate, love, jealousy, despair, joy…
and delve deeper into it, giving us an intimate view of that emotion; going in between the lines.


Love is not easy

It demands perfection

It needs sacrifices

Heartache and agony

Precedes joy and laughter

You shed tear before your lips smile

Many times the glitter of tears in your eyes

Are blinked away so that they don’t feel hurt

Love is not easy nor perfect

It’s heartbreaking but joyful too

It splits your spirit into two

Yet you cheer on your loved one

For love is never easy nor always kind




59 thoughts on “In between the lines- Love

  1. Are these monthly based? I would love to write one about jealousy! I haven’t felt jealous in a really long time, but I would love to go back into those feelings and write feelings about the regrets I have because of jealousy.

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