Windows into the past

She used to go to the old, abandoned church seeking peace and quiet. The atmosphere there was soothing for her nerves. There was never anyone else there and she appreciated the silence.

Her visits were mostly at the end of the day when the setting sun’s slanting rays hit the stained glass windows creating wonderful patterns on the faded, damaged walls. She would create stories in her mind when she looked at those figures in the glass.

One day she started writing down these stories and very soon she had a collection of them. As her job was in a publishing house, she convinced an editor to look at them. It was a pleasant surprise for her when the editor offered to get her book published. She call it “ The windows of the past”

The photograph is from NaughtyCupcakes at

For the visually challenged writer, the photo is of an old, abandoned church. The plaster is peeling from the walls and the ceiling and there is debris on the floor, but the five beautiful, arched stained glass window are intact.

Written for FFFC # 161, hosted by Fandango



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